UM Motorcycles reveals plans for India

medha@Throttle|Updated: September 23, 2016 15:28

US-based UM International, LLC and Lohia Motors, India in 2014 joined hands to form UM Lohia Two-Wheelers Pvt. Ltd. (UML). Manufacturing of the motorcycles has already been underway at Lohia Auto’s Kashipur facility in Uttarakhand, while the company’s headquarters are based in New Delhi. It currently produces 1,000-1,500 motorcycles a month, but the plant has a production capacity of up to 50,000 (over 4000 per month) motorcycles annually.  Customers who have booked their UM motorcycles will get their delivery soon.


UML plans to follow the ‘Make in India’ formula and claims that 60 percent of the motorcycle parts are sourced from Indian suppliers. During the initial stages of manufacture, engine components are being sourced from China and Thailand; these parts will be manufactured in India eventually. And despite being an American brand, UM plans to manufacture the motorcycles here in India and ship them to its home country. This new manufacturer in the Indian market has highly ambitious plans, and intends to launch a new motorcycle every six months.


There have also been talks of starting a riding club for owners, called Rebels on Bikes (ROBS). Motorcycle customisation parts and UM apparel should also be available in the near future. The bike maker also plans to launch the Renegade Classic model in April 2017.


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