Uniform Smart Driving Licenses across India from 2019

Editor@Throttle|Updated: October 17, 2018 12:28

For all those about to embark upon the journey of driving a car, or riding a motorcycle, acquiring a driving license is the stepping stone to a new phase. Well, for prospective applicants, things are about to get easier, as, from July 2019, driving licences and vehicle registrations issued by all states and union territories will sport the same look, colour, design and security features. 


The Road Transport Ministry has already started the process of issuing new DLs (driving licenses) and RCs (registration certificates). The new Driving Licences and the Registration Certificates will help the authorities and users have a smoother experience on the roads.


Some of the key points include :


1. Both the DLs and RCs will have embedded microchips with QR codes, which can be scanned to get driver details from the Sarthi portal, and vehicle details from the Vahan portal.


2. Both the RC and DL will have the near-field communication (NFC) feature, like Metro and ATM cards, so traffic enforcers with hand-held devices can swipe the card and access relevant details.


3. The new DL will have a driver’s declaration to donate organs and mention if the driver is driving a specially-designed vehicle meant for the physically challenged.


4. The vehicle’s emission norms will be mentioned on the RC so that pollution tests can be carried out objectively. The tester will not have to ask vehicle owner for vehicle details, according to a road transport ministry official.


5. If anyone goes for license renewal or re-registration of their vehicles, the transport authorities will issue the new DLs and RCs so that the old ones will get replaced gradually.


Article Source : The Better India