Vibhaya: Respond, Revive, Rejoice – An Initiative by Biking It To Create Happiness

Editor@Throttle|Updated: December 7, 2016 19:31

At Vibhaya Col. Mukul Saxena- brain behind 108 Ambulance Service shows you how an average person can and must be Emergency Response Prepared.  The ride aims to promote Emergency Response Preparedness among bikers instead of depending on medical staff. By creating a network of bikers, help can be arranged easily instead of waiting for ambulances in case of emergencies. 


The details of the ride are:


Date and dayDecember 18, 2016 (Sunday)
Time7.00 am 
Start PointParle G Toll, Tumkur Road, Bangalore
End PointKamath Upchaar, Tumkur Road, Bangalore
Approx. Riding distance30 kms


Stay tuned here as Registrations open soon