Who is a Biker Buddy?

Editor@Throttle|Updated: November 22, 2018 9:30

Road trips are fun with biker buddies. What say? The monotonous life of a city is truly boring, and hence a trip to the countryside fascinates most of us. 

While on trip, we try to capture everything, from a wailing buffalo sitting in a pond to a drowsy sun that is about to hide behind the mountains. And the fun increases more when you pose with your bike at different junctions of the road trip, all set to tell your social media friends about the amazing trip. 
Travelling to unknown places without having a preconceived destination in mind has its own merits. You tend to meet different people, fellow travellers, hitchhikers, villagers, etc. You break the routine and understand that life has amazing things to offer. And let's not forget the intimate heart to heart conversations with your mate. Really, road trips with your best friend are truly soul-satisfying.  
But remember safety during bike rides is also important. Wearing helmet and all the safety gears is of utmost importance at all times! Apart from safety, the best thing about this stuff is that you get to bond realtime with your best buddy.
So guys, do you have a riding buddy who means a lot to you? Go ahead and tag him and tell us your amazing biking stories.