Winter Riding Tips

Editor@Throttle|Updated: December 6, 2016 9:42

Winter is the best time to ride, especially in the Asian sub-continent. The sun is not out to roast you on the road and the landscape is lush green after the monsoon revelry of the clouds. Though it is very difficult to drag yourself out of the warmth of your bed, getting out there on the road is the best thing you can do. Even though winter rides are fun to go on, there are a few basic safety tips which could be followed. These safety tips would ensure a more enjoyable experience of the ride.


Winter means that the engine of your motorcycle will be cold. So cranking it up is going to be an issue. This cold engine needs to be handled with care for safe and long running. Start the engine with the choke on and let it idle for a few minutes till it warms up. Make sure you don't rev the engine high during that as the oil will take some time to get to its viscous self and lubricate all the moving parts.


Here are some riding tips:

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    When out on a ride, make sure all of your body is covered. Make sure you have the liner of your riding jacket in place. If it is just a mesh jacket, it is advisable to wear thermals. Woollen socks, riding gloves and a helmet will be there but your exposed neck might need some cover.

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    Long rides will mean that your hands are going to stay put on the handlebar for a long time. Make sure you keep moving your fingers and wrist during the ride to avoid numb fingers. In case of evasive manoeuvres, your limbs may not always respond at the speed you expect.

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    Never ride tired. Winters take a lot of energy from your body and if you are already tired, your body will not be able to last for long. Make sure you take ample amount of rest before leaving for a ride. This not just keeps you attentive and responsive during the ride, but also helps in enjoying every detail of the ride.

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    Early morning rides during winters can sometimes be filled with fog. Excessive fog hampers the visibility and makes riding difficult. Make sure you maintain a safe speed during such times since the road ahead is unknown. Ride with your headlight turned on during fog to make yourself visible to the oncoming traffic to avoid any fatal accidents.

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    Riding in winters is a very fun thing to do and following these safety tips would further make your ride enjoyable.