Yamaha FZR-09 concept by Oberdan Bezzi

Editor@Throttle|Updated: January 18, 2018 9:34

Yamaha FZR-09 concept by Oberdan Bezzi great focuses around the motorcycle races ENDURANCE.  Oberdan Bezzi imagines a similar treatment for the Yamaha MT-09, with a slant toward endurance racing duties, which is indeed, very appealing!

Brakes, wheels, and suspension are all low-hanging fruit for modification for any track-going machine, so there are no worries there, and these mods make for a quick performance increase over the stock components.


Race bodywork gets added for better wind protection, and it looks like a larger fuel tank is incorporated as well, which borrows its design from the Yamaha MotoGP race bike. To keep with the endurance racing spirit of the concept, Bezzi has added a single-sided swingarm, which is a bit much for your typical track day enthusiast. And even for endurance racers, the quick-change kits for double-sided swingarms have all but made single-sided units obsolete. 


Article Source : MotoSketches