Yamaha Niken leaning Three Wheeler unveiled

Editor@Throttle|Updated: October 26, 2017 9:24

The Yamaha Niken is based on the MT-09, and shares the same three-cylinder motor, but it's the first leaning production three-wheeled motorcycle of its type. Yamaha has not revealed too many details and specifications at Tokyo about the Niken, and more details are expected to be released at next month's EICMA show in Milan, Italy. The only specification released so far is that the Niken uses a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, four-stroke, DOHC, four-valve, in-line triple engine. The three-cylinder engine without question is the 847 cc triple from the Yamaha MT-09.


The fact that Yamaha has chosen to reveal more details and specifications about the Niken confirms that the leaning three-wheeled motorcycle will only be released as a 2018 model, and will possibly go on sale next summer. So far, Yamaha has not commented on the price and other details; and has only released the dimensions of the Niken, which is 2150 mm long, 885 mm wide, 1250 mm tall, and uses a triple-cylinder engine. Other technical information is expected to be release on November 6, at the EICMA show in Milan.


Article Source : CarAndBike