Yamaha Niken Pre-Orders Announced

Editor@Throttle|Updated: April 26, 2018 12:39

The Yamaha Niken leaning three-wheeler will be open for online orders on May 17, 2018, Yamaha has announced. The Yamaha Niken made its global debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show held in October 2017. The Yamaha Niken is based on the Yamaha MT-09, sharing the same 847 cc, DOHC, four valve-per-cylinder, in-line three-cylinder engine, but has a completely unique leaning three-wheeled design, with two front wheels. The Niken will be the first production leaning three-wheeler motorcycle once deliveries begin.


It will come with clutch, quickshifter, three-mode traction control, and cruise control. The cruise control system is usable from fourth gear and over 50 kmph speed for effortless highway cruising. LCD instrumentation and dual LED headlights underline the sharp and revolutionary styling of the Niken. At the front, the Niken gets two 15-inch wheels, supported by two pairs of inverted forks that hinge at their crowns to allow the Niken to lean through corners just like a regular two-wheeled motorcycle.

The online bookings open on May 17, but only for European customers. It's still uncertain if Yamaha will be thinking of introducing the Niken to India anytime soon. But one thing's for sure - Yamaha is serious about its leaning three-wheeler programme, and more models after the Niken are expected to roll out as well. Yamaha even acquired leaning three-wheeler designs and concepts from a Norwegian firm called Brudeli. The future at Yamaha seems to be particularly inclined towards three-wheelers, and leaning ones at that!


Article Source : CarAndBike