Yamaha to showcase motorcycle concept with artificial intelligence at Tokyo Motor Show

Editor@Throttle|Updated: October 16, 2017 9:42

Yamaha is set to reveal its radical Motoroid concept at Tokyo Motor Show. It is an electric motorcycle with artificial intelligence that has the ability to interact with the rider and recognize him/her.


The Motoroid Concept is a motorcycle with Artificial Intelligence (AI) which means that it will be capable of interacting with the rider and others. The idea, Yamaha says, is to give people the experience of 'Kando', which is a Japanese word meaning immense satisfaction and excitement upon encountering something or someone very valuable. In the near future, Yamaha would like its motorcycles to be sociable and interactive with the rider/owner.


The motorcycle itself runs on electricity and has a rather unique design. The bike has a rather radical seating geometry with a thin pad but has support for the chest and the back. The handlebars are styled akin to a race bike with the palm grips pointing downwards. One can also see bits of carbon-fibre, especially the front mudguard.


Article Source : CarAndBike