Zona unveils Helmet Rear View Camera

Editor@Throttle|Updated: April 6, 2017 9:06

British start-up Zona has unveiled a rear view camera that may be the one of the first steps towards the future of how motorcycle riders check their rear view. The 'intelligent rear view system' fits any motorcycle and any helmet and will give motorcyclists full rear view vision in just one quick glance in the helmet's visor without the need for turning back or checking steering mounted rear view mirrors. The system is basically a head-up display for rear vision, but without additional information like speed and satellite navigation.


The Zona system uses a small camera on the back of the helmet that transmits an image via a secure wireless link to the receiver unit. The video signal is decoded and then displayed to the rider on a screen fitted to the end of a flexible arm fitted inside the helmet. It certainly sounds like a unique and useful invention for motorcycle riders and the system's effectiveness is underlined by none other than Carl Fogerty. So, the Zona system certainly seems to be going into production, and expectations from it are sky-high.


The flexible arm with the screen should allow users to position it according to their preferences, so that there's no distraction for the rider but the rear view can be seen in the peripheral vision. If it's as successful as the claims, then the system certainly has potential to revolutionize rear view systems in motorcycles. The Zona camera system is available on pre-order from the Zona website with deliveries guaranteed from 30 June 2017. The system will cost around 175 GBP (around Rs 14,000) for those who pre-order and 225 GBP (around Rs 18,000) after the product is launched.


Article source : NDTVAuto